The Town of Wolseley Bylaws are adopted by Town Council with ratepayers best interests in mind.

If there is a particular Bylaw you wish to review, please stop in at the Town Office during regular business hours. You can also contact us by email at or by phone 306-698-2477.

Bylaw No. 1-1989
- The Cat Bylaw

Bylaw No. 2-2000
- The Noise Bylaw

Bylaw No. 19-2004
- The Cemetery Bylaw

Bylaw No. 2-2005
- The Dog Bylaw
      Bylaw No. 6-2005 - Amendment to The Dog Bylaw

Bylaw No. 11-2005 - The All Terrain Vehicle Bylaw

Bylaw No. 20-2005 - The Nuisance Bylaw

Bylaw No. 3-2014
- A Bylaw to Regulate and Control Outdoor/Recreational Fires


Bylaw No. 01-2015 - The Official Community Plan Bylaw

Bylaw No. 02-2015 - The Zoning Bylaw


Bylaw No. 01-2016 - The Utility Service Management Bylaw

Bylaw No. 02-2016 - Amendment to Assessment Appeal Fee Bylaw

Bylaw No. 03-2016 - The Council Procedure Bylaw

Bylaw No. 04-2016 - The Minimum Tax and Mill Rate Bylaw for Tax Year 2016

Bylaw No. 05-2016 - Bylaw Enforcement Officers for 2016

Bylaw No. 06-2016 - Tax Exemption for Economic Development (Dureault)

Bylaw No. 07-2016 - Amendment to Utility Service Management Bylaw

Bylaw No. 08-2016 - Amendment to Zoning Bylaw


Bylaw No. 01-2017 - Council Code of Ethics Bylaw