The Town of Wolseley Utility Bills are processed quarterly and include charges for water, sewer, infrastructure, and Loraas Waste & Recycle Roll-out Carts. The billings go towards the operations, repairs and maintenance of the Water Treatment Plant, Town Wells, Sewer Lift Stations and Lagoon.

Paying Your Utility Bill

Payment Methods

The Town of Wolseley offers the following options to pay for your utility billing:   

  1. Pay at the Town Office during regular business hours or use the drop mail slot found in the Council Chamber door

  2. Pay by mail: Town of Wolseley Box 310, Wolseley, SK S0G5H0

  3. Pay by online banking at your Financial Institution, excluding Conexus and TCU. By paying online through your financial institution, you will not only avoid a trip to the mail box or Town Office, but you will also save the cost of a cheque and stamp.  You can set up your payments online by searching "Wolseley, Town of - Water & Sewer" and through the following banking institutions: Horizon Credit Union, TD Canada Trust, RBC, CIBC, Scotiabank, Bank of Montreal.  Your account number is located on the top right-hand side of the quarterly bill.


Reading your Utility Billing

How much is a utility bill?

The total cost for water and sewer depends on consumption.  In addition to the consumption charges there are also fixed charges.

Consumption Rate: $4.00 per thousand gallons after usage of 9,000 gallons per quarter

Water fixed charge: $80.00

Sewer fixed charge: $40.00

Infrastructure fixed charge:$20.00

Loraas Roll-Out Wate & Recycle Cart fixed charge: $45.00 per quarter

(Note: Commerical business' are charged differently than residential consumers, for more information, please contact the Town Office)

How is your water bill calculated?

Your water meter measures the water consumed in gallons.  The amount of water your residence or business consumes is multiplied by the current water and sewer rates.

Am I still charged if I don't use any water?

There is a minimum cost charged to be able to supply water services to your property even if no water is actually used.  This is the fixed charge for the water and sewer system.

If you are going to be absent from your residence for an extended period of time, the service can be disconnected at the curbstop and then reconnected upon your return.  There is an associated cost with this service.  Contact the Town Office for further information.