Our PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT has been repeatedly pulling items from our pumps and inlet pipes that should not be there.  This is damaging our infrastructure! Please DO NOT flush SHOP TOWELS/rags &/or inappropriate items into our sanitary system.

 Thank you for your cooperation!


*Debris was removed from one of two Lift Station pumps.  This is believed to be a large wad of shop towels!*



As per Resolution No. [397/17] at the October 18th regular meeting of Council, we are advising Contractors that effective January 1, 2018, the
Town of Wolseley Landfill will no longer be accepting shingles.

This decision was based on the fact that shingles are taking up too much space. Council therefore wishes to extend the useful life of the Wolseley Landfill, by discontinuing the acceptance of shingles.

Alternative options are available are contacting neighbouring communities who may still accept shingles, or contacting a waste disposal company to supply and place a large disposal bin at the job site.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
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 December 12, 2017 - Wolseley/Grenfell Community Update
Provided by and with permission from:
Director - Rural Primary Health Care Services,
Saskatchewan Health Authority

Wolseley/Grenfell Update:

  • We appreciate and share the desire of the community to resolve the physician resource issue as quickly as possible, and we thank you for your continued understanding and patience.
  • The College of Physicians and Surgeons is the independent regulatory body responsible for licensing all physicians in Saskatchewan. The College advises us that there are a number of steps in the process for Dr. B. Pebane to be licensed to practice medicine and therefore we do not anticipate his services will be available to the community in the immediate future.

We can provide the following updates:

  • We have a candidate targeted to support  Wolseley/Grenfell starting the SIPPA (Saskatchewan International Physician Practical Assessment) program in January. Upon successful completion of the program, we anticipate the physician will be available to start practicing by mid to late June.  We have been able to stabilize services in dozens of communities in the province by utilizing programs like SIPPA to recruit/retain physicians and every effort is being made to ensure services can resume safely in Wolseley at the first opportunity.
  • WMICC: Acute Care and Emergency services will continue to be suspended until we stabilize consistent physician coverage.
    • 8 beds will continue to be utilized for Alternate Level of Care clients that are waiting placement into a long term care facility or for convalescent care.
    • We will continue to perform scheduled nursing treatments such as dressing changes and IV therapy as ordered by a Physician or Nurse Practitioner in the clinic.
  • Wolseley Clinic: The vacant fulltime Nurse Practitioner was filled as of September. The Nurse Practitioner will continue support the community along with Dr. D. Pebane.
  • Grenfell Clinic: An additional temporary fulltime Nurse Practitioner was hired in September. This gives us 2 full time Nurse Practitioners and part-time locum physician coverage to support the community.
  • Primary Health Care services continue to be Monday to Friday day-time hours in Wolseley and Grenfell. 
  • We will keep you updated with any further developments.  


NOVEMBER 15, 2017 - Council Update

Wolseley Town Council has contracted Associated Engineers to study options to address the main sewer line currently suspended under the Water Street Bridge. Based on their recommendations, detail design of an Inverted Siphon running under Adair Creek and tying in to the sewer lift will be commencing. Relocation of the sewer line will allow for eventual construction of a new bridge on Water Street, as the current bridge is approaching the end of its useful service life.

Costs for the sewer line relocation are expected to be about $160,000. Funding options such as grants are being actively pursued by the Town and Associated Engineers.

For more information, please contact the Town Office.


2016 Waterworks Financial Overview


2016 Drinking Water Quality and Compliance Report
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Effective January 1, 2016 Loraas Disposal has been awarded a 5-Year Contract for Residential Curbside Waste and Recycling Services, as well as Commercial Recycling Services!

 Resident Newsletter | Business Newsletter | 2018 Wolseley Collection Calendar |

"Single-Stream" Recycling Guide | Loraas Disposal Recycling Info Webpage



Three Front Street lots (606-610 Front Street), legally described below, to be sold as a package:

Lot 27 Block 10 Plan 101414270 Ext 39

Lot 8 Block 10 Plan 176 Ext 35

Lot 23 Block 10 Plan 101414258 Ext 34

Asking price, $45,000
Contact the Town Office, 306-698-2477